Welcome to Sport in Life - Back to Basics. We have developed this website for Coaches, Educators, Learners and Parents to assist (or recap) their knowledge of the Basic Skills of Sport. Too often we see teams and individuals attempting difficult moves in a match without having first mastered the basic skills of that sport, during practice. To sustain (or develop) sporting interest amongst our youth, we as coaches must teach our young players the correct way to play so that they are stimulated and become better equipped to practice their newly acquired skills, on their own, so that we can move towards a healthier and fitter generation of South Africans.

We have utilized professional coaches in the compilation of the content on this website. Our primary objective is to provide you, the coach or parent, with an "easy to access" range of skills for each sport.

Many of our children are currently unfit and unskilled in sports. We hope to change this situation by removing the obstacles that prevent physical activity from being an everyday occurrence at schools. With the knowledge acquired from this website, virtually anyone can coach sports.

We hope that you will utilize this information to the benefit of all the young people in South Africa. A fit and healthy learner will become a better academic, will be less disruptive in class and will be more disciplined at home. A good education must always include exercise and play.

We hope that you will enjoy and use the information contained in this website and we urge those coaches and parents who have strong sporting opinions or good basic sporting skills to contact us to contribute some of their knowledge to this website. We are good at what we do, but we don't know everything and we are always willing to receive valuable input from others.

Take it easy and enjoy coaching at all times...

Coach Ed and the Team